April 14, 2003

So the weekend in review once again� man, is it just me, or has time really been flying lately? It seems like every time I turn around another week or month has gone by� I guess that is what happens when you are working two jobs and don�t have any days off� I am beginning to think that I should write a book called 24-7: My time as a pawn in a game of some kinna crazy alternate form of chess called life� or something. Maybe it should just be called: I�d rather be skateboarding: Sean in 2003� I dunno, anyway, the weather was lame and totally uncooperative this weekend so I didn�t end up doing anything active except throwing 8 lb bowling balls half way down the lanes in Palo Alto and chasing Grace around the house in circles� Have I mentioned that I am really looking forward to the summer months. The long evenings, the warm weather, bbq�s, etc etc� I am especially looking forward to getting a summer membership to the lake. This summer is going to be like the summer I dreamed about as a kid. Emerald Lake is just down the street from my house. You can get a summer membership at the lake for $100.00. I am saving my pennies already. Did I mention that there is a slide in the middle of the lake on a raft� because there is, and I can�t wait to charge that thing! It is going to be so rad to be able to, on any given nice day, just ride a bike down to the lake with a towel and some food and spend the day lounging. It is gonna be like some kind of 80�s summer movie or something!! This summer is gonna be so rad, I can�t think of a better way to describe this summer, it is just going to be f�n rad. But anyway, I digress� the point here was the weekend in review� so without further ta doooo�

Friday: I skated Greer after work with the dogs. It was a super fun session. There were a ton of shred dogs there. All the sick loc�s were there. It was really fun. I saw some craziness go down. I love those sessions. After the session I cruzed home and watched the Warriors get worked over by the Suns� it was a sad eve for Warriors fans everywhere, all playoff hopes are dashed� but on a lighter note, it was a hell of a season. They play the Lakers soon, I am pulling for a W. After the game I went to sleep. I was beat.

Saturday: Went to work for 6+ hours� wheeee! Ran a few errands, wasted some time, and then stopped by Pete�s house for a bit. Checked out his video editing program, talked some trash, picked up the fun box and flat bar (with assistance from Capn� Geoff and his truck), and headed back up to tha hills. Went to dinner at the Canyon Inn with Capn�s Geoff, Ben, and Nicole and as always the food was excellent� cruzed back to the house, got my Dave Mira crack fix, and got ready to go bowling and meet up with the homies. Bowling was fun, it was Capn� Quinn�s brothers birthday and they were having glow bowling. I always seem to wear a black shirt with lint on it when I go glow bowling which totally sucks� but anyway, I had a really good time messing around and hucking house balls at high velocities down the lane. I even managed to pick up some pretty good spares! After bowling I met up with two of my friends who were visiting from out of town for a late night rendezvous at the Palo Alto Denny�s. I hadn�t seen either of tha girls in days� months� years� haha it was cool. It is always fun to catch up with old friends. Got home at around 3:30am and crashed out. It was a long f�n day. But a good one none the less�

Sunday: Well� Sunday turned out to be another one of those lazy days again. I slept in late, almost overdosed on Dave Mira crack, ate a super late lunch, watched the masters golf tournament (don�t ask why I just did), played with Grace a bit, and finally got motivated at around 6 to go to work. Talk about a waste of a day� well� at least I relaxed a bit� but really I should have been out doing much more with my free time. Worked till around 10:30 and then headed down to the studio to get punk for a while. Drove back to the hills after a pretty rockin jam sesh and then watched a replay of the Blazers Lakers game. Which by the way the Lakers lost! Haha word. It was well worth staying up till 2:30 to watch. And now it�s Monday again and I am tired and not really quite ready for the new week to have already started� oh well� maybe I will rest a bit more next weekend� Or maybe not..
--Capn' Lazydays S.S. Latenights

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