May 01, 2003

so all I blog about anymore is the weekend in review� and I do it way after the fact�but I guess that bloggin' late is better then no bloggin' at all� So without further delay: THE WEEKEND IN REVIEW!

I�ll start with Thursday�because that is when the weekend really starts anyways right?? �you remember that right? Like back in college�the weekends started on Thursdays because you only had one class or no classes on Fridays� Oh wait? Hmm.. or maybe it was more like everyday was a weekend? Hmm� well� at any rate, my weekend starts on Thursdays nowadays and that�s how it should be. So as always, Thursday means that I went bowling with the crew� It wasn�t the best night for the Truckers as a whole, but I did manage to throw down some pretty good games: 192, 206, and 228. We lost two out of three� but it was a lot of fun. We drank about 5 pitchers and had a great time acting like fools. After bowling we took our usual short trip over to the Boardwalk and had some really great pizza (as usual). Capn� Jamie and I stayed at tha Walk after everyone else decided to leave so that we could finish watching the T-wolves/Lakers game while catching up on current events and stuff. It was a lot of fun, I haven�t chilled with Capn� Jamie in quite a while� She is rad. The game was crazy. One of the best games I have ever seen. The officiating sucked really hardcore� but the T-Wolves managed to pull off the big W. I love it when that happens� KG is sick�it was a great night. KG 4 MVP!!! That dude is intense�.

Friday: I went home after work and chilled. Then went down to a really good sports bar in San Carlos. Ate some great food, watched some decent hoops, had a few beers� it was a nice relaxing eve. Drove back up to the house and pretended to be a part of the couch for the rest of the eve. It was perfect.

Saturday: Saturday I woke up early and cleaned the house. Then I left for my last day of work at the ole Schm-Acuson. It feels good to finally be out of that place. Don�t get me wrong, I enjoyed working there, my boss was super nice, and I had a lot of good friends there� but that place kinna sucked too. Lots of hours, no organization, slave labor, lots of hours, no organization� did I mention lots of hours and a complete lack of organization? So anyway, Saturday was my last day and that was a good thing. Ran a few errands after work and then it was back up to the hills to get ready for a ride. Went road riding with Capn� Geoff and Capn� Damian. We hammered. It was awesome. We rode for over an hour and a half and went about 24 miles. It was a pretty difficult ride and I had to work as hard as I could to keep up. I did pretty well tho, and got a great workout. After the ride we sat around an chilled for a while watching some hoops and playing video games. That night we went to down town San Carlos to a really good Chinese restaurant. The food was great. After dinner the Emerald Hills Crew picked up The Transporter from blockbuster and headed home. The transporter had a really, really stupid plot, but also some of the best action sequences I have ever seen. Jason Statham is the man. That movie could have been off the hook crazy� the fight scenes were soooooo sick�. and there were even some pretty funny �Whooaaa did he just do that� kinna parts in it, but because the plot was just wack the movie as a whole gets a bad review. I hope Jason Statham gets to do more parts like that in the future he is a rad actor. He has a great role in the movie Mean Machine. If you haven�t ever seen The Mean Machine, and like soccer at all, I highly recommend you check that flick out.

Sunday: I moved some stuff and organized my room some more. Watched a lot of b-ball. And mostly just chilled. Shot around out in the front yard a bit� made a fool out of myself� and had a great day� I can�t wait for the weather to get better. This summer is gonna be great...
--Capn' Lookinforward S.S. Tolongdaysinthesun

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