May 14, 2003

Procrastination is my greatest enemy, my greatest adversary, my only real antagonist. And yet, I have total control over that evil� What does that say about myself? The fact that I am my own worst enemy? The fact that the only things in my life that suck are controlled entirely by my own actions? Why do I handicap myself? Why do I hold myself back? Why do I challenge myself in such a negative way? What the f? I need to change that shit. It is seriously ridiculous. And way out of hand right now. I have put myself in a hole, now I have to dig myself out. And when I get out, I need to promise myself to not fall victim to the same enemy again. I need to take care of business BTO style. And that is a fact.
--Capn' Getyo S.S. Shittogetherman

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