May 19, 2003

Content schmontent. I woke up early for work today and still managed to get to work late. Stupid keys... what were they doing in plain sight on the kitchen table anyways??? Work went by fast today. That's a good thing. I have been having really weird dreams lately. So weird I can't even get into them on this blog. We are talkin weird man, like when I wake up from them I think to myself "Whoooaa dude...What the f?#@$?!!" I have been under a lot of stress lately. I think that is part of the reason for the f'd up dreams. I did some stuff to relieve some of that stress today, that felt good, I am taking care of buisness. Just like I know I need to right now. Soon I will be able to mark some things off from my "to do list" that have been on it since like 2000.... that is gonna feel great. It sucks that I had to get to a breaking point in order for me to get shit done. Stupid, that's what it is. Not as stupid as some things I have put myself through, but close... not as stupid as bombing a hill on a skateboard naked... which I have never for the record done... but close to as stupid as trying to bonk off of a box dot with copers on your board and then wrecking on your face... which I have done (circa '85)... Today was like doing a 10 ft. tailslide to revert on a 6 ft. quarter pipe. It was a step in the right direction. Walk don't run, or something like that... one piece at a time just like Johnny Cash's Cadillac.
--Capn' Searchin S.S. Seekanddestroy

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