May 07, 2003

The weekend in review:

Friday: I watched hoops. I yelled, I screamed, I went nuts. I jumped around, yelled some more, called people on the phone, yelled some more, cussed at the ref�s, and then just for the sake of doing it, yelled a little more. It was a great night of hoops.

Saturday: Woke up and cleaned up the pad in preparation for Ben�s birthday get together. Washed the dishes, vacuumed the house, and cleaned the bathroom. I felt like I got a lot done Saturday morning, that is a great feeling. I took a trip down to Costco at around noonish and bought the typical Costco Items: A million rolls of toilet paper, a million cans of soda, a million rolls of paper towels, five million pairs of socks�etc.. Went to get a so-so burrito at a place in Mt. View, and then cruzed back up to the pad. Played some hoops in the front yard for a bit and then got ready to head down to Palo Alto for the end of the season bowling dinner at Pizza Chicago (or something like that). The pizza was free and so was the beer. I had a pretty good Black and Tan which is definitely cool. The Truckers ended up finishing in 4th place so we won a little money, which is always a good thing. I ended up winning an award for the highest scratch game in the league, $100.00!! That was super cool. After the awards were given out it was time to head back up to tha RWC and get my party on. To sum up the eve: Things were mellow till about 11:30, that�s when I decided to turn everything up about 12 notches� we turned Nintendo games into drinking games, I kicked a lot of ass and beat the odds winning out in a 3 against one match in 007, we took a few too many shots and a few too many beers, we kicked Ben�s ass in Neanderthal quarters, I drank too many beverages with alcohol in them, I threw up a few times, and then I slept on the floor of my bed room for half the night� It was a pretty all-star night for the 568crew.

Body count for me:
6 � beers (give or take one)
4 � Seven and Seven�s
2 � Shots of Bailey's
1 � Shot of Jameson
1 � Shot of Vanilla flavored Vodka
1 � Trip to drive the Great white bus

Sunday: I woke up and felt like a truck hit me. I tried really hard to re-hydrate and drink some water, but for the better part of the day I had to fight not to throw it back up. Watched some game 7 hoops, which is always fun, yelled till I thought I was gonna get sick again and got pissed when P-town lost. I tried to eat my normal hangover cure: Mexican Pizza and a large Mt. Dew� but even that couldn�t help me feel better. I finally just went out to play some B-Ball in hopes that I might sweat it out of my system. 3 hours of intense b-ball shenanigans later I still felt like crap. But damn if I didn�t rack up about 5 blocks and 20+ rebounds. As well as a few W�s in the one on one tournament that Capn� Damian and I have going right now. I am up 7-3 (just for the record). In all, it was a good weekend�
--Capn� Drivin S.S. Theolewhitebusisbadforyourhealth

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