May 16, 2003

Last night was great�.
The Lakers lost to San Antonio, our new bowling league started and we won 3 games in a row� SACtown beat Dallas to force a game 7 on Saturday� I went to La Bomba for dinner� and to top it all off� I got to see Clay Wheels play down in San Jose at the old Plant 51 for $5.00, and PBR was on special for $1.00 a cup till 11pm. Life is great. The Clay Wheels are amazing� Energy, aggression, passion, fury, beer, skateboarding, thrashing, slashing, and adrenalin all mixed together and put into the form of music. F�n rad. It doesn�t get any better. The underground music scene in the bay area rules. There are sooooo many great bands around here�. Last night was a great f�n night. The only thing that possibly could have made my night better would have been to go skate Ripon. Oh, and maybe winning like 5 million dollars in the lotto and meeting the girl of my dreams..� but other then that it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.
--Capn� Thedays S.S. Canonlygetbetter

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