May 22, 2003

"They just don't make music like they used to...." that is what I have been thinking for the past couple days as I have been driving to and from work shouting lyrics by Devo at the top of my lungs. �There�s something about the way you taste, that makes me want to clear my throat�� What was it about the 80's that lead to such awesome music being created? Even the pop music of the 80�s was good� What has happened since the 80�s that has allowed so much crap to become popular and considered �good music�?? Where is the creativity? Where is the passion? Where is the intensity? Where is the meaning????? What�s the point nowadays??? Gone are the days of NWA and Run DMC... Gone are the days of Iron Maiden and Slayer... gone are the days of the Ramones and the Pixies... What has this world come to? What happened to the shrieking guitars and the thundering drums?? Where did the lyrical flow of old school hip hop disappear to? What happened to the raw and reckless edge of punk rock? What happened to the music? Has it really died? It seems like the degeneration of music all started when Metallica sold it's soul to MTV... it�s been down hill since then� Is MTV the cause for all of this? Is money the cause for this?? Is it because there is nothing left to fight for? What gives?
--Capn� Stillrockin S.S. Intheeighties

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