April 06, 2004

Weekend in Review

Friday: Went to WG to hang with Ruth out to mexican food and then to a local bar... The food was great... the bar was so so... It was an interesting place... and it seemed like it could be alot of fun with the right people and the right music. But the music and the people were deffinately not right this time... haha I still had fun though and that's all that really counts right?

Saturday: So summer is on it's way, and that means the Lake is gonna be opening soon. This year the house is going to become a full member at the lake. So that means we will get a key to the gate so that we can go there whenever we want. That's right, a key to the lake!!!! oh man this summer is gonna rule!!!! It also means that we have to do volenteere hours at the lake to earn our key. So Saturday morning was spent working down at the lake tryin to get our hours in. Ruth and Trista came with Damian and I. Those girls rule. Period. Ruth is so rad.... total trooper. Anyway, not only did Damain and I pick and shovel for almost 3 1/2 hours but we also learned how to set a foundation and how to bend and cut rebar. I earned about 10000 man points on Saturday. It was great. Afterwards we got some lunch from Prima and chilled out at the house. Later in the afternoon I took Ruth to meen my Mom and John. It was rad. My Mom and John loved her. After the big meething I went and got some new shoes to chill in. Some Nike's.... They are super comfey. My feet are super happy. Then I went home and chilled at the house and fell asleep early.

Sunday: ??? I don't remember what I did... so it must not have been tooo important.... huh??? prolly skated or something... I dunno...

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