April 21, 2004

I wrote a huge paragraph complaining about the kids that were at the RW Skatepark last night... but then I thought it was kinna dumb.... so instead I'll just write some of the questions I was asked and some of the things that I was told and a few of the things I heard while I was skating:

1) Is this your first time at a skatepark?--asked by a 12 year old as I walked up to the park (apparently I look like a total poser now-a-days)
2) What's your best trick dude? --asked by the fattest kid at the park as if he might be able to one up me in a "skate" contest
3) Watch out behind you old man! --said by some grade school kid to me as I was setting up to do a fakie tailslide on the ledge
4) What the fuck are you looking at??! Oh shit do you wanna fucking fight homie!!?? I'll punch you in the face you little bitch!!! --said by some highshool brat to some "Homies" who were about 5 years younger then them.
5) Get the fuck out of the fucking way you fucking fucker, you're fucking everything up you fucking asshole!! --said from one 12 year old to another
6) Daaaaamn Plaaayaaaaa, These blades are sooooo hella dope!!! --from one fruit booter to another
7) Dude I'm skating at the park bitch, what are you doing?? --said by a kid on his cell phone who didn't even have a board with him.
8) I fucked your mom and your sister last night bitch! --Same dude on the cell phone about 20min later
9) OOOHHH shittt N*ggaaaaah!! I'm jus skatin' at tha fukin park dog, come down here and chill N*ggaah!! --Said by the whitest dude at the park who was on his cell phone next to the dude that fucked someones mom and sister the other night....

I won't even go on with this....
Can you see why I love skating RW so much? And by love I mean hate.

On a postive note, the street skills are on the comeback trail!!! rad.

--Skateasaurus Rex

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