April 16, 2004

I skated a few times after work last week. I'm starting to get some of my old street skills back which feels kinna good. I'm still pretty sketch though... I feel kinna silly trying to relearn tricks that I used to have on lock... what happened to the SB skills??? I haven't really learned anything new yet... but I'm getting some confidence back. I'm looking forward to learning some new tricks, that will be fun... but in a way landing some of these old tricks that I used to do, for the first time in years, kinna feels like I'm learning something new... I need to get some skills on the bank ramp... I don't have any good tricks there anymore... except for my cheater fakie 270's... funny that's the last trick I learned... and one of the hardest ones that I learned... yet that's the only one I can still do... haha oh well. So anyway, I've been skating a little bit better and I've been landing a few good tricks here and there so that's pretty cool... I have also set some new goals, stuff that I want to try.. so the week in skating was good.... and I'd say that over all, even with the few harsh falls that I took, last week was a positive skating experience... now starts week two of Sean's come back trail.... Break a piece off!!

--El Blogoskateosaurus

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