June 21, 2004

Weekend in Review

Well... this weekend was pretty mellow. I wasn't feeling 100% and Ruth was down in San Diego... so I didn't do a whole lot... I'll try to make this one quick...

Friday: Skated at the Mt. View park for almost 3 hours. I did about 3 million tail-stall-backside-180-reverts. It was rad. I got home at around 9... ate food, chilled out, and went to bed.

I Helped my Grandma look for retirement houseing. That pretty much took all day. Got some In "n" out for my belly. Then I skated Mt. View (again) for a couple hours. I did about 3 million more tail-stall-backside-180-reverts. Cruzed home, ate dinner, cleaned up, and went to the movies with Mike "P". We watched the The Chronicles of Riddick. It was kinna good. I'd watch it again on video. Then I went home and went to bed.

Sunday: Took my Grandma shopping and then cruzed to SJ to pick up Ruth at the airport. It was good to see her. We went over to her parents and I helped her start dinner for her family (they were all out fishing in Santa Cruz). It was a lot of fun. I learned some new things about cooking which is a huge plus seeing as I know just about nothing about cooking. Dinner was excellent (as usual) and I had a great time hanging out with Ruth and her family (as usual again). After dinner Ruth and I picked up her friend Melissa from the airport and then I cruzed back to RW and crashed out.

Summary: Not really an exciting weekend... skated a lot, and played a lot of NBA Street Hoops II, and drove my Grandma around a lot... and that was about it... true.

--El Blogosaurus Wornoutus

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