June 16, 2004

Last night I went to meet up with Pete Rock and crew to watch the Detroit game. Detroit straight up wrecked LA... no contest. It was f'n awesome. I drank Snapple and ate pizza and yelled "Go Detroit" and "OH Daaaaaaaamn!!!!" a lot. It was so much fun. I like it when my favorite team wins. haha After the game I chilled out and talked skateboarding with Pete and Julian. That was fun too. They are remotivating me to skate more. I will go skate today after work. Yeah! After I talked about skateboarding for a bit I cruzed up to PA to go bowl with the old team. That was kinna fun. I just messed around and threw a lot of crazy gutter balls. There were a lot of high school kids there trying to be cool. I'm glad that I don't try to be cool anymore. I am cool. hahaha lol but seriously it was pretty funny to watch. I feel old. I'm glad I don't have to try to be cool anymore though. And I also learned a new trick at the skate park last weekend, so it just goes to show that an old dog CAN learn new tricks. Word up!

--El Olddogosaurus Rex

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