June 24, 2004

Casa de 568 is taking care of Teresa and Abe's dog Bud this week/weekend. Bud is an old lab mix. He's super funny. He acts like a total old man. When he got to our house he cruzed around and sniffed everything (and I mean everything) all evening and then fell asleep half on his bed in a crazy heap(half of him on and half of him off) It was funny. I like him. I wanna get my own dog...

Last night our landlord came over to grab a beer and to ask for a shot... 568 never let's people take shots alone, so we all took shots with him. Whew... it's been a while since I've taken a shot sober.... I don't know if the Whiskey was bad, or if I was too just to f'n sober to be taking Whiskey shots, but damn if that shit didn't taste like yak piss. Not that I've tasted Yak piss... but if I was to imagine what Yak piss would taste like... it would be very similar to what we drank.... Anyway.... It was funny. Taking shots with your landlord is pretty cool. After the shot fiasco I watched the 5th element. That movie is cool. Then I went to bed and slept like a rock. Word.

3 PBR's
1 shot of really old, really bad, English whiskey
1 shot of wild turkey (equally as bad but not as old)

--The Shotosaurus Rex

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