March 26, 2004

Last night was bowling night. Don't ask how I did. Let's just say I started thowing the house balls as hard as I could while running from the seating section of the lanes... yeah... it was one of those nights... best game was a 150.... worst game was a 114.... I sucked it up big time... but oh well... I still had fun. I haven't been drinking much at bowling lately... mostly because I have to drive a lot more after we are done... I think the days of getting trashed at bowling are gone... it's just not worth it anymore... anyeay... bowling was fun even though I sucked and so that's what counts. Went to pizza and then went down to the studio to jam. Played pretty well. I love going down there on thursday nights... so fun. We played a punk version of Quiet Riot's "Mental Health".... it rocked..... Crashed at Ruths place. In the morning she suprised me with Blueberry scones for my drive up the Peninsula... I think that is one of the raddest things anyone has ever done for me... such a little thing... but so rad.... The whole way home I could only think about one thing... How lucky I am to have met her... :) Tonight I'm going to see the Dub's play... GO DUBS!

--The Rockasaurus Rex

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