October 23, 2003

the weekend in review:

Friday: The Crew went to the nut house for the first time in a long time. Our favorite bartender Kelly was there. She rules. I miss going there... I may start going there a lot again. That place is fun. They have Motorhead, The Crue, The Specials, RUN D.M.C., Old school Beasties, Boston, Johnny Cash, and the Ramones on the juke box... how could it not be fun? The best part about the Nut House is that the bottles of bud are ice cold. Ice cold is the only way budweiser should be served... Anyway, I spent 7 dollars in the juke box, and had a couple perfectly chilled budweisers, got some free beer tokens, and had a great time hanging out with my friends... that place rules.

Costume party. My friends and I dressed up as "the band" aka Milwalke Mud Flap Heshers... aka the "silver mullet"... it was great. Long hair, metal shirts, inflateable guitars, bottles of bud. It was a really fun night. Got my dance on, got my party on, and got my hesher on. Sooooo rad. Drank a 40 and 4 bottles of bud. It was a lot of fun. Good times with good friends.

Sunday: Chilled with family all day long. It was fun I guess. whatever though.

the end.
--Capn' Seandog S.S. Sailinon

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