October 09, 2003

I went and skated RWC again last night. It was pretty fun again.... I may be getting over the fact that 90% of the kids there are F%cking idiots.... maybe not... I had a better session... sorta... tried a few tricks that I hadn't done in quite a while... landed a few of them... almost wrecked on a few others... but I'm getting my flow back I think... I hope... just gotta get out and ride a little bit every day... that is my new goal... well.. maybe not every day... but more then just three times a week. I feel way better when I ride.

I'm listening to the Go Go's right now. The Go Go's are cool.

I'm going to tahoe this weekend. it is gonna be f'n awesome. word.
--Capn' Rideeveryday S.S. Partyeverynight

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