October 28, 2003

I finally got a CD alarm clock last night. Gotta say, waking up this morning was very nice. There is something awesome about being able to wake up in the morning to whatever song you want. Today it was Defari... mellow, flowing hip hop. I think Tomorrow it will be Iron Maiden!!! Maybe "Wicker man" or maybe "the Clansman".... maybe the Ramones tho... or maybe some old school Beastie Boys.... "Fight for your right".... or some of that punk stuff they have... "Live Wire", "Egg raid on mojo" or maybe "time for livin".... I dunno... but what I do know is this: getting up in the morning just got a whole lot better!!! Here's to waking up on the right side of bed!! yar!!
--Capn' Rockin S.S. Tillthebreakofdawn

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