July 14, 2004


It was a long week but all was made up for by going to the Reverend show in Santa cruz on Friday night. Met up with Mike, JB, Evan, and his Bro. It was a great show minus the dumb SC loc's that were moshing all over the place... totally lame meatheads... oh well good show, good times, good fun. Cruzed to Ruth's after the show and crashed out.

Woke up at a reasonable hour (around 9ish) and went for bagels. I don't know why I love going out for bagels so much... but it is seriously one of the highlights of my week... After Bagels it was off to MV to Help my Grandma go shop and pack... Good times as usual.... Then I met up With Stew and skated Greer for a bit. After a bit I got the craving for some quarterpipes and flat bars so I cruzed over to the MV park. That was fun as always.... My home away from home.... Later in the eve I cruzed down to SV and chilled with Pete and crew at Justin's pad. It was fun. Julian and Kyle and Pete got faaaaded off a bottle of Don Pedro... it was funny. Always good to hang out with those guys. I couldn't pound with them because I think I was still hung over from the 4th... hahaha oh well. Still good times. I hear Julian got sick later that night...

Chilled out and then got Sando's with Ruth at Prima. Cruzed Skate Works to get some new skate shoes and then went to the lake to eat and soak up some sun. After some nice relaxin I cruzed back up to the house and veg'd out while watching the Tour. Later in the afternoon I went back to the lake and swam and did dives and had a grand ole time. Came back to the house and bbq'd cheese dogs and mellowed out. Then went to my second Reverend show of the weekend with Mike over at Slims. This show was far more enjoyable and I had a great time. Rolled home at a reasonable hour and went to bed. It was a good weekend. True that.

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