July 07, 2004


So I got to check out early to go help my grandma get the doctors. Then I took her to the store to get some shopping done... not super exciting... After Grandma duty was over I cruzed out to the south bay to meet up with Mike and then we headed out for some great punk rock/rockabilly shows. We actually ended up seeing two shows that night: The first one was at the Gasslighter, where I saw the Cliftons and the Texas Thieves create their usual mayhem and madness. Always a good show. We chilled at the bar across the street inbetween acts and met up with Morgan, Matthew, and a few other GPC loc's. I drank Guinness and enjoyed myself greatly. The Cliftons are simply put: Punk F'n Rock. It was my buddy Morgan's last show as the bass player for the thieves, and they rocked. It was a good show to end on for him. It was a lot of fun. After that show finished we (mike and I) headed out to the Hayride to Hell show at the Blank Club. Mike and I picked up Ruth and Giao along the way and then met up with Matthew at the Blank. We all had a rockin good time but called it a night early before the last band went on... oh well good times for sure...

I woke up early and then it was off to Santa Cruz for some fishing with Ruth's friend Katie and Ruth's parents. Ruth's Parents have a really nice boat. I had never been deep sea fishing... it was rad. I didn't get seasick.. thank goodness. It was a lot of fun. Katie reeled in a 16 lb salmon which was pretty cool. I had a ton of fun chillin out on the boat and relaxing. Super good times. After we got back to the harbor and cleaned up the boat a little it was off back to the WG where I went out to eat with Ruth, Katie, and her husband Isaac at this oldschool bbq place. The food was pretty good. After that we took off and crashed out. Another good day in the Blogosaurus's life.... chalk that one up as just one more win of many!

On Sunday I went to breakfast at Ruth's Grandpa's. It was really fun (as usual). Ruth's grandpa is super funny. After breakfast I cruzed to the Mexican market with Ruth to stock up on food and beer for the 4th celebration up at the house. I love shopping with Ruth... am I a total dork? hahaha ok anyway... Finished up shopping and cruzed up to RW. Meet up with the 568 posse and Evan, cracked open a tallboy, and then cruzed down to the lake for some crazy dives and cannon balls. It was a beautiful day at the lake. After the lake it was a short up hill walk back to the house. We stopped for a road bevo at Trist's place. Tall boy number 2. Got back to the house and cracked open tall boy number 3... played beer pong, chowed down on the excellent horderves that Ruth and a few of the guest's made... played more beer pong... lost a few too many times... somewhere along the way I had a few carona's and another couple tall boys.... It was great to see all the homies: to name a few:
Ben (aka Neb) and new lady Erin, Mike P and giao, Wess-Watt, JB and Amanda, Joe and Colleen, and of course the 568 crew (Ben, Damian, Trista and Nicole). Super good times...lots of chaos... I got super drunk... It was a great party. A word of advice: Just say no to Wild Turkey...

body count:
1 bottle of Budweiser
5 24oz tall cans of bud
4 Corona's
1/4 of a Miller Highlife 32 oz
1 1/2 shots of Wild Turkey

Woke up pretty early and felt like a truck had run over my brain. Wondered what in f's name had possessed me to drink that much and to take that shot of Wild Turkey... which was all I could taste for the next 5 hours... Decided to end my misery and puked.... Wished I had puked the night before when I was to drunk to have noticed or cared. Hated on life for a bit... still hung over as all hell... took a shower... drank some water and then cruzed to MV to help my Grandma pack and stuff... Then I went to dinner with Ruth down in WG. yum. After dinner we went to see Spider Man 2... That movie pretty much sucked... but whatever. And that was about all she wrote for that one... a good 4th... lots of fun... lots of good friends... this is the life.... the end.

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