July 18, 2005

Weekend In Review:

Work was busy and crazy. After work it was time to cut loose for happy hour at co workers, we drank a few beers, we ate a bunch of app's, and we played a bunch of Beer Pong. It was really fun. Scratch that it was really really super fun. My coworkers totally rock. Speaking of rock we listened to 80's rock the whole night. So rad. Ruth had to pick me up because I couldn't drive... well I prolly could have driven, but it was wise for me to get a ride so that I didn't end up in jail.

Body Count:
1 Bitch Brew
2 Pacifico
4 bud lights
1 Hooch (orange)

Woke up early and Jammed home to pick up my bike. Met up with Q, Mike-P, and Ves for a Mt. Bike Ride up at tha 'Toga Gap. It was a fun ride. My bike worked out well! Fully rigid is rad. I got a lot of funny looks from people on full suspension bikes... haha good stuff. Wes and I did some sweet skids. It was rad. After the ride I cruzed back to RW and cleaned up. Then it was off to tha SJ to go to a party at Abe's. Played drums for a while and chilled out. Abe is cool. I like jamming with him. After the set was done I went over to Ruth's place and chilled with Ruth and her Dad. We BBQ'd steaks and drank beers outside in the warm evening weather. It was fun. It was a good day.


On Sunday I went fishing with Ruth's Dad and the b'Lock's. The b'Locks are Ruths Brothers wives family. Yes, inlaws... It was fun. The weather was nice in the SC and we caught a bunch of fish. I got to drive the boat in to the harbor which was pretty rad too. I got a bit too much sun so now I look like a Rednek. After we ate lunch in the Harbor it was back over the hill for family dinner. We chilled around the pool for a while and snacked on some app's. Then it was dinner with the whole family. It had been awhile since everyone was around so it was a lot of fun. Dom and Angie picked me up a rad poster from Spain. After dinner it was time to cruz back to the RW. Another weekend in the books.... the end

Capn' Keepit S.S. Rockinandrollin

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