May 31, 2005

Weekend In Review:

Well the weekend came and went again...

Friday: I got out of work early on Friday and went to happy hour with a group of coworkers. It was fun. Then I went out to eat with Ruth and her brother and his girlfriend down in the WG. That was fun too. Dropped Ruth off at a friends house and cruzed up to the house. On the way home I stopped purchased the Blade trilogy. Blade rules. After I got home I drank some beers and watched Blade 2. Blade kills a lot of vamps in that flick. Good stuff. Great movie...

Saturday: I went down to the lake and cleaned up some algae and got the lake ready for opening day. Then I went down and helped JB move into his new house. It is a cool house with a lot of potential. Then it was off to the house to watch some hoops and to chill. Got a DUB DUB animal steelo and fries animal steelo from In N' Out on the way home. Good stuff. I heart In 'n' Out. Watched some cheesey tv and played Midnight club Dub addition.

Sunday: Woke up late and cruzed down to pick up Ruth. Then took my GMA out shopping at the grocery store. After that cruzed the Laurence park and had a lot of fun skating for about 2 hours. Then cruzed to the house, cleaned up and met up with Ruth for dinner and a movie. We rocked Sneekers and then went to see the remake of "the longest yard". It was entertaining but not as good as the older versions.

Monday: Slept in a bit, went down to R-dub for bagels and to run a few errands. Then cruzed up to the house and got ready to rock the Lake. Chilled by the lake and rocked a few dives. Started it off with a Cannonball.... the new board kinna sucks. Hopefully it will break in... right now it is way to stiff. Like taking a pull off of some inexpensive whiskey... harsh. It felt great to be in the water again. I love the lake. Cruzed back to the house and BBQ'd and chilled... Then watched Blade 3. Yes! So Rad. Three Blade movies in 4 days... life is good.... it was a great weekend.

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