March 18, 2003

I went skating at Greer today and rocked some pretty crazy lines... like unorthodox drunken boxing super hesh ninja type lines... all crazy sketch, all crazy fast, all crazy out of the normal kinna lines... It was really fun. I haven�t skated with that much crazy flow in a long time. I felt like I was a real shred dog today� not just some crazy fool tryin� to carve a line. It was the best session I have had in days. Someone threw down a really sick graffiti piece there too... which made it even better... It has a huge mushroom cloud that is all super detailed and stuff� it is rad. I will try to throw down a picture of it in my new photo album� I am going to try to take some photos there tomorrow with Capn� �Shred dog� Stew. It has been a super long time since someone has thrown down some sick graffiti at Greer. Too long if you ask me... the pieces there in the last 6 months have sucked more then a Hoover Super Vacuum cleaner. Finally seeing some rad artwork at the park made me happy. My session was much more fun because of it. I wish more talented graffiti artists would start painting there instead of the lame-ass-toys that have been hitting it up every other day. I hope none of those silly toys go over it with their sorry toy style graff. The last few pieces that have gone up looked a lot like a huge pile of barf. Anyway, I had a super good time riding today and that was rad. I love skating at that place, it's sooo good for the soul... : ) The only problem is that now I don't feel like working anymore today. Grrr... It is soooo nice out today...
--Capn� Justsayno S.S. Tobadgraff

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