March 18, 2003

This is kind of a random topic, and I usually write about it in my other blog but for some reason I decided to put it here... Last night I got to thinking about all the girls I had dated in the past couple of years... for some reason... Well, actually I know what the reason was: I was going through one of my old checkbooks and I found a check that one of my ex's had made to herself almost 2 years ago as a joke for $1,000,000.00. In the notes it said for: "Sex, BJ's, and other stuff" ;)... Anyway 2 years later it was kinna funny to find, and surprisingly it actually put a smile on my face. But anyway, I got to thinking about all the girls I have dated recently and I had to ask myself "what were you thinking dog???. Not because they were lame girls or anything like that... but because they were not my style at all. But then I got to thinking and I was like... dude, what is your style man? What do you look for in a girl anyways??? What would my ideal girl be like? What combination of traits would she posses? And that is when I realized that I really don't know what I am looking for in a girl anymore... I used to have a big list of things that I thought were important... Maybe I should try to put together a new list... hmmmm� something to think on�
--Capn' Whereisthat S.S. Punkrockgirlfromchicoanyways

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