March 18, 2003

I am bored, no that doesn�t quite describe how I feel� I AM REALLY BORED!!! Oh and I also don�t feel like working at all right now. I am super antsy right now� I shouldn�t have skated today at lunch because that is all I have been able to think about since. I am having a hard time motivating to get my work done here� I have a lot to do� but I just don�t feel like doing it. I haven�t gotten very many emails today and I really don�t feel like working. To top it all off AIM isn�t connecting to the server right now so I can�t even bug other people and try to get them to procrastinate with me� Did I mention that I don�t feel like working anymore today? I am really tempted to go skate the new Redwood City skate park� I know Dylan The Destroyer would tell me to go skate the park and to give my work the middle finger� Maybe that is what I should do. Hmm.. That would be pretty fun. I think I should do that. I need to find a way to get rid of all this excess energy� grrr�
--Capn� Getmethafizuck S.S. Outtathisfackinplace

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