February 12, 2002

Witch y witch what time is it... time to go home says me.... or at least time to go have some fun.... All I want to do is go ride my board of wood... I don't wanna work anymore... I need to find a ship laiden with fine spices and gold so that I can pillage it and then retire to a life of ease and rest on some tropical Island where there are pretty girls and lots of ramps to ride... oh an maybe bottles of bud on ice... arr that sounds like a little piece o' perfection if ya ask me... arrrr... so is it time to weigh anchor and sail for home yet? arrr this Island of work is like a mouse trap... they offer you a bit of cheese and then, before ya know it.... snap, your neck is broke in two... arrr...

Don't die in the house.... http://www.skate1984.com/
tis all for now,
ya bastards....
-Capn' Pegleg S.S. Sailordie

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