April 08, 2005

Yar! This the Captain again....

The Seas have been calm and my life is still good. No job... lots of skateboarding... lots of web surfing.... lots of PS2... yar.... Also lots of hoops being watched... Has anyone realized how well the Dubs are doing????? so rad!!! I had to drink:6 beers, 1 shot of jegermister, 1 margarita shot (half tequila/half triplesec), 1 tall Jameson and sprite, and 2 mad dog shots (MD/2020 Lime flavor)
to celebrate their greatness on Wednesday. Wow. I hadn't pounded like that in days.... and the scary part, I didn't even really fell that bad the next morning...GO DUBS!!!

I skated my old flat bar yesterday in between rain showers.... it was pretty fun... I haven't skated that thing in years... it was a lot taller then I remembered.... just goes to show how my skills are slippin I guess. I was still able to do a few tricks on it though, so that was pretty awesome.

I'm waiting to hear back from an interview I had last week... Waiting sucks. It's raining out right now so I can't skate... did I mention that waiting sucks when it is raining out and you can't go do anything to distract you from it....

yar... Anyway that is about all I have to say about that...

Keep it rockin me hearties! YAR!!!
--El Capitan

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