July 16, 2003

What if the world was really flat. I mean really, how do we know that the world isn't really shaped like a super fat pancake instead of a sphere like blue and green basketball. And by the way since I am asking off the wall questions: has anyone ever solved Descartes' conundrum of whether or not we are awake or asleep dreaming that we are awake? Am I awake and really walking through this physical world, or am I in my bed dreaming that I am awake and walking through this physical world.... And if I am dreaming what will exist when I wake up? What if I'm just a brain in a vat? Does anyone else think that the Matrix was just a big action packed sci-fi version of Descartes ideas? Cogito Ergo Sum. "I think, therefore I am." ah.. the things I learned in College... Go Gouchos!
--Capn' Thoughts S.S. Fothatazz

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