July 10, 2003

Well it's Thursday again... my how time does fly lately... Guess I should blog about last weekend finally...

So instead of doing my usual day by day thing, I'm just gonna write about what I did last weekend in two words: Drinking and Swimming. Ok so maybe that is technically three words but whatever. I didn't skate enough but I did have a great f'n weekend. One day skating at Greer and Sunnyvale, only Two days of "real" work last week, Three days of BBQ and brew. Four days in a row filled with swimming down at the lake. Lots of beers, mixed drinks, and a ton of Sangria. Tons of great food, good friends, lots of sun, and lots of fun. I love the summer time. Last weekend was great. Now all I need is a mini ramp in my back yard and life will be just about perfect. A few million dollars and a girlfriend wouldn't hurt either, but for now, I am livin tha life.
--Capn' Maxin S.S. Andrelaxin

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