July 03, 2003

The weekend in review:

So last weekend was pretty good. I have lagged at doing a write up so here goes a sorry attempt at what I can remember of it:

Friday: I went out Friday night to celebrate with my roommate. The occasion: the drug that our company has been working on for the last 6 or so years was approved by the FDA. This announcement meant a big celebration at work with champagne and hard alcohol followed by heavy drinking in down town Palo Alto, which was in turn followed by Capn� Damain throwing up later that night. It was a great night. The approval process and all it�s tasks had been long and tedious. The celebration was a long time coming for the company and Damian. I am super stoked for him.

Saturday: Saturday came around before I could blink an eye. I spent the majority of the morning being an ice cube and just cold chillin. At around 12 it was time to start getting ready to go to one of my best friends, little brothers, wedding. Hard to believe that "The Big D" aka Big Betto was getting married� seemed like just a few weeks ago that we were all in grade school and that Mike and I were stealing his toys� Anyway, it was kinna crazy to see him becoming a man right before my eyes� and even more crazy to think that one more of my friends was getting hitched� tho I must say it was kind of expected. He and his girlfriend Lisa had been dating for almost 9 years. It was awesome to see them so happy and excited. I had a great time a the reception talking to old friends and acting like a fool. Mike and I even got up on the m.i.c. and busted out the lyrics to �I wanna be Sedated� by the Ramones, which by the way went over far better then I would have considering that only about 12 of the 100 people in the room even knew who the Ramones were. It was a fun night and I had a really good time. After the wedding I decided to go home and fall asleep on the couch�. Party on man, party on.

Sunday: Sunday was all about getting hesh and going skateboarding. I skated all day with Capn� Stew. It was more fun then I have had in a long time. Stew is fun to skate with, that guy cracks me up. I got a lot of sun and a lot of exercise and not a lot of scrapes so it was a great day of riding. We skated Greer for about 2 hours and then headed down to Sunnyvale to shred down there for another couple of hours. It was the most I have skated in quite a while. It felt really good to have my board rolling under my feet. It�s a feeling I will always love. Went home at around 7ish and cruzed on down to the ole Canyon Inn for some tastey beverages and a huge burger. Went home and crashed out. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Life is good. Skate or die.
--Capn� Iwannaskate S.S. Allnightandeveryday

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