July 30, 2003

"I hear the sound of a skateboard rolling down my back street,
reggae music coming from the neighbor across from me,
as time ticks by, as time ticks by
I never stop to ask, I never wonder why"
--Buck 0-Nine

Whenever I hear those lyrics I think of my days living in Santa Barbara. Life in SB seems like a dream when I look back on it all... did that all really happen? Skateboards rolling down the street, loud music cranked to 11 flowing out of 60% of the houses along Sabado and DP, bright sunshine, Girls riding cruzer bikes to the beach with surfboards under their arms, people chillin� on the stoops, friends talking trash with their crews, hanging out at the beach, Dudes riding broken down spray-painted bikes all around Isla Vista, shred doggin� the red curbs in the church parking lot, lunch specials at Woodstocks, Sandwiches at Javans, IVBC, Freebirds at 2am... It was the life. I don't think I ever paused to realize how lucky I was, I never looked up the road to glance at the future coming up in front of me, never slowed down to see the changes that were coming around the bend, never stopped to think that someday I'd have to join the real world and spend my time "working" for a living. Was it a Utopia? maybe not quite.. but damn if it didn't seem like it was close... But then again, I look at my life now and think would I go back? No, I think not, there is a time and a place for everything and that time was then, not now... and not ever again either. Sometimes I do miss that place though.

Life was different back then.. and I guess I was different back then too. Lots of things have changed since I came back to the Bay. Almost all of my friends down in college were skaters. Nowadays only a hand full of my friends ride. Down in SB I never went anywhere with out the skate crew... Sabado locs por vida... Now, I skate by myself 70% of the time. There isn't a skate crew of brothers and homies that I roll with everyday... Just a few friends here and there that I sometimes go ride with. There isn't a house where everyone always goes to hang out at... There are no parties with kegs at them... Keg'er?? what's that?? Steel Reserve??? Are you kidding me??? We drink New Castle, Fat Tire, and Sangria at our shindigs. Our parties are broken up by us instead of the IV foot patrol... a lot has changed... shit, there was a time in SB when I probably never woke up earlier then 11am... and never went to bed before 2am. Nowadays I am down for the count by 11 or 12 and I am up by 9:30 am at the latest.

I think the thing that I miss the most about SB is the fact that you could run into 20 of your best friends while walking to class. Even just walking down the street a few blocks could take you an hour because you had to stop and chat with so many people. I loved that. Setting up plans while skating through huge crowds of people on campus, running into people at the berry blocks, catching up with people at Woodstocks... it was great. There was always something going on somewhere. If you set up the fun box in the street, 20 min. later you'd have a fat session going with all the local shred dogs. Build a mini ramp, the sessions would go into the night. Sit out on your front door step and see all of your friends within the afternoon. The community was great down there. I miss that. I miss that a lot. A word from the wise: Stay true to the crews, enjoy what you've got, and KIR... haha
--Capn' Sabadoloc S.S. Porvida

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