July 08, 2003

Busy busy busy.... I need to take some time to write about what I've been up to... Maybe in a little while... but for now: check out my radio station, if you really want to rock.... Warning, this ain't no mainstream happy live 105 isht... this is the good stuff.... The Ramones, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Faith No More, Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Pixies, Etc etc... Metal for the masses, with a side of punk rock points to get you in the mood. Soon to come and now in the works: "The Hip Hop station"... so come on all you hip hop heads, get yo mix tape ready... but for now, it's all about Metal Maniacs, Metal Militia, and Rock and F'n Roll. Gabba Gabba Hey!
--Capn' Djjazzy S.S. Slaydog

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