July 21, 2003

The author of this site linked to me because they were talking about pirates in their blog. I feel like I am letting people down when they come to this site expecting to find a "pirate blog" and instead they find a blog that really doesn't have much to do with anything except skateboarding and beer... The ole 7 seas isn't much of a pirate blog now a days is it... or is it? This weekend I "sailed" around most of Northern California (Lake Tahoe area to be specific) drinking spirits, raising hell, eating lots of food, cussing, and basically causing chaos everywhere I went. That is kind of "pirate-like" behavior isn't it? Yea, I guess maybe not. "Yar!"... haven't said that in a while... I guess this blog has really changed since last year when for the most part every entry was a mass of sea going lingo..... Well, anyway, my apologies to anyone who came here looking to be courted by pirate lingo and tales of adventure on the 7 seas. Most of what goes on here has nothing to do with being a pirate in the traditional sense... but then, my friends and I do raise a lot of hell and drink a lot of beer. So maybe this is a pirate blog in spirit... if not in form. Here�s to you me hearty, may your voyages be full of fine wines and chest's full of gold.
--El Capitan

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