June 09, 2003

Weekend in Rewind:

Friday was pretty chill, rolled down to Sunnyvale to hang out with capn' Pete Rock and crew. Watched the San Antonio game down at Jakes with all the skate heads. It was a lot of fun hanging out with those guys, I hadn't seen them in a long time. The pizza was good and so was the game. After pizza we chilled at Pete's place for a bit and watched a bunch of old footy tapes that Capn' Pete has been editing for a skate video. It was rad to see all the old spots we used to skate at. I need to start skating more....

Got up early and rolled to the Sunnyvale park... Got worked all morning. It felt like I had not skated in years... my balance was all off. Some crazy dude from Santa Cruz ran into me and I racked both of my knees on the cement.... that sucked... About an hour into the session I turned funny and hurt my lower back a little... which sucked and ended my session. I decided to roll up to Skate Works to check out some swim trunks and shoes... ended up getting both. : ) Went home and then cruzed over to the deli by our house. There are some hot skater type chicks that work there... too bad they are only like 18ish... ah.. to be a kid again.. hahaha got a super good sandwich and ate it out in the back yard with the dog and Capn' Damian. After lunch Capn' Damian and I went out looking for surf boards... but had no luck. We also went and looked at a couple of bike shops and camera shops. I actually managed to go to all of these places without spending much money, in fact, I only spent $3.00 on a new/used camera strap... It was a lot of fun. I started planning out what I need to get to make my dark room which is really getting me pumped... I am super excited to get that up and running. I also started makeing plans to build a mini-ramp in the side yard... : ) lots of plans... now I just have to start saving up some money...

Saturday night came around and it was time to rock. Carlos club style. Got drunk, got loose, represented for the Ramones, had a great time... the Carlos Club is always a good time... we got crazy and belted out lyrics like our lives depended on it. It was rad.

Body count for the eve:
4 - seven and seven's
3 - Bottles of Budweiser
2 - Cold Corona's

Sunday, it was chill mode day...
Spent the majority of the day doing laundry, cleaning my room, watching tv, and playing Centipede.

more later... to tired to write more now...

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