June 25, 2003

I shouldn't have been so negative in my last post. But I guss that is what happens when I watch too much "road rules" and "the real world" on MTV... what the hell happened to that station... sad as it is, I find myself sucked into these mindless shows that do nothing for my intelligence except decrease it's already shrinking level. Those shows are so lame... but for some reason I find myself asking, "What is gonna happen between Mallory and Ace??" (If you don't know what I am talking about, this is a good thing, don't worry about it.) I decided to start reading books again to try and combat the deflation of my brain. Hopefully reading and listening to my internet radio station at work will keep me from going out to buy the new Justin Timberlake album.. or Evanescence's new cd... I need some excercise... Greer anyone?
--Capn' Killyour S.S. Tvset

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