March 11, 2003

So with out further delay...
The weekend In Review:

Friday night: Friday night was my night to party... or something... Well I dunno it didn't turn out to be the crazy night I was expecting... partly because I wasn't feeling like a rock star, and partly because none of my friends were feeling like rock stars either... It was my old comrade Brett's birthday so a bunch of the SB heads sailed into the ole port in San Francisco to meet up. It is always good to see the crew. I had a great time catching up with everyone and chillin. But it definitely wasn't the crew of old. No one got drunk, no one got loud, guess all my rowdy friends have settled down... to quote an old country song... anyway, it was more of a chill, how ya doing, what have you been up to kinna night... maybe the days of staggering around drunk and causing chaos have started to become more rare... It was just 3 years ago that on Capn' Brett's birthday that Brett broke his ankle, Ben punched a window, and Jeff threw up all over the place... ahh.. How times have changed... maybe it's all for the better... haha Anyway, it was good to see everyone and made me wish I was still rockin it back down in SB... man... those were the good ole days... life was easy, times were fun, and days were long... such a good experience, so many good friends. Ahh... to be a kid again.. hahaha

Saturday: Woke up around 10 and sorta decided to just have a chill kinna morning. Played some serious games of catch with Grace for a while and then logged an intense hour or two playing Gauntlet. Then I just kicked it in the back yard in the sun until almost 2. Met up with Capn' Stew and his dog Matt and then we went to San Jose to go get our shred on street steelo. What started off as kinna a lame session turned into on of the best I have had in a long time. I actually managed to skate pretty decently. We hit up Bowers park which is always a good time. I like skating there, feels like the old days... Anyway after a really long sesh and a lot of pretty serious slams we called it a day and headed out. Saturday night was pretty fun. I went down to Mt. View to hang out with a few friends from High school and embarked on this seasons first back yard BBQ... yea!! I can't wait to get back in weekend BBQ mode... this summer is gonna be awesome. After the BBQ I mostly spent my time playing more Gauntlet and also heading over to my old house to pack up some of the last things that I am bringing up to the house in Redwood City.

Sunday: Sunday was another pretty chill day, went for a quick ride on my dope Cruser bmx with Geoff and Damian... played with the dog... played.. yes more Gauntlet.... and basically just relaxed. It was a good day all in all. Went to work for a bit and then cruzed to Mt. View to do some more cleaning. Sunday was not all that productive... but all in all it was a great day.

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