March 17, 2003

So the Weekend in Review:

Saturday: Woke up super early... went to work... worked till around 12:45... Cruzed to Skate Works, then cruzed to Mt. View to see my Mom. Chilled at the ole house for a bit and then cruzed up to the Liquor store to buy a 40 for the party later that evening. After I hooked up my Colt 45 I rolled back to the RWC and chilled at the house for a while. Chilled with the dog, and the dogs. Played a ton of Gauntlet and then worked on the bikes for a bit. At around 7 we rode our bikes down to the Canyon Inn for some fat burgers and fries... It was a super fun ride down the hill I got the Cruzer sideways around a couple of the turns... doing skids is soooo fun... especially if you are hauling ass. I have a feeling that we will be doing that ride a lot once the weather gets a little nicer. By the way, if you haven't been to tha Canyon Inn yet.. you are seriously missing out on life. Yar! A Damn good burger there... Without a doubt some of the best burgers I have ever had in my life so far. The ride back to the house wasn't quite as fun... it's all up hill. What prolly took us 2 min' to descend, took about 12 to climb back up... and on a full stomach that is pretty harsh... It didn't help that Capn' Ben "the ping pong crusher" bet me $10 that I couldn't eat the entire "Grand Canyon" burger and then within 10 min' of completion, ride as hard as I could up to the house with out throwing up... glad to say I am now $10 richer! Hahaha taught him a lesson... haha. It must have looked pretty funny to see 3 dudes on a single speed, a BMX Cruzer, and a mountain bike trying to ride as fast as they could up a hill being trailed by a Land Rover with it's hazards on... haha It was fun. After the ride up the hill it was time to hit the shower and get ready for my friend Jamie's birthday/St. Patty's day party in San Jose. The party was pretty fun, most of the Dogs were there so that is always fun. Not many single girls so that was kinna a bummer but gotta say for the most part it was a really fun party. Pretty good music, good friends, Jamie got a pony Keg of Tied House Green Beer which was pretty cool and I had my nice cold 40, brown bag steelo, so that was pretty rad. I got some funny looks from a few people but whatever... they just don't know what it's all about... haha

Body count for the night:
1 Forty (Colt 45)
5 Keg cups o' Green beer
1 Really bad Green Jell-O Shot

Sunday: Sunday was chill day� Slept in late... got up and messed around the house for a bit. Played some ping pong and chilled on the front porch for a bit because our power was out. Then at around 1 I rolled over to Downtown San Carlos to get some late breakfast at this cool little diner type place. Good food for super cheap, it was great. After breakfast I went up to the house and watched BMX and Skate flicks all day� and of course I played some Gauntlet too. Before I knew it the day was done and it was time to sleep� It was a good weekend� I am looking forward to the summer.
--Capn� Weekend S.S. Ofchillsteeze

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