March 15, 2003

So it�s Saturday and I am really tired and when I got to work it was really early and when I got out of bed it was night still, not morning. I could probably fall asleep standing right now. The monitor packing foam in the corner of my �office� is looking more and more like a bed as each minute passes. I went to bed at almost 3 last night because of my very serious Gauntlet addiction. I need to find a 12 step program for Gauntlet abuse. On a ligher note my character achieved Level 75 status last night and he got super buff. I ate pizza for dinner and it was really good. I also went bowling last night. I did pretty well considering I wasn�t ever more then one beer deep all night. I laughed a lot and had a good time. I am listening to a band called Monkey right now. They are a really good Ska band from the bay area. I like Ska Music it makes me happy� It feels like summertime in Santa Barbara in here right now even tho it is nothing like that. Infact it is pretty cold in here maybe I should turn on the heater� but then, maybe the cold is the only thing keeping me awake� I wish the weather was a bit better� actually the weather is great right now, but the ground is super wet so that is bad. I want to go skate right now. Wet ground on a skateboard is like a nine millimeter slug in your dome: bad for your health. I haven�t done a crooked grind in forever. I may never do one again. I need to learn backside tail slides on ramp. I need to build a ghetto mini ramp at the house in the hills where I live now. I really like my new place. It reminds me of being down in SB kind of. It is fun. Riding bikes in the house is lots of fun too� I like playing silly Nintendo games� yelling at the TV and drinking beers and eating pasta and sandwiches� doing silly things to pass the time rules. Life is fun. This post is random. I go back to work now. More insanity later. Pick it up ska, pick it up ska�..
--Capn' Rowyourboat S.S. Gentlydownthestream

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