March 07, 2003

Last night was bowling night� Always a fun night� I did ok� my first two games were not all that rad but in the second game I managed to throw 3 in a row in the 10th frame to seal our victory� if I had bowled one less strike we would have lost� it was a tight spot, lots of pressure� but I managed to pull through so that was rad� it was a great feeling. I don�t normally enjoy being in that position, having to throw down huge in the last frame for the win� but I gotta admit, sometimes it is awesome� especially when you throw it down and win. We only won one game last night� but we played against the number one team in the league and they threw it down last night� so we were not too disappointed. It was a fun night. Capn� Geoff bowled really well for tha truckers last night, he has got a mean hook� like his name should be Capn� Hook� Capn� Walker has a pretty mean hook too� they are bad ass� Capn� Saaaaam threw it down as well� I think he shot a 189 on his second to last game� It was a good time. It always is. Yar, here�s ta good times me hearties�
--Capn� Killinpins S.S. Knockindownpints

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