March 21, 2003

It's really weird to be leaving this place... Seems like I have been waiting around for this change for a long time� I have worked here at this company for almost 4 years now� Throughout a period of over 5� I have been month to month and week to week as a temp for over a year now� and now that is all ending. I have met lots of really cool people and I have worked a lot of crazy hours in these buildings... It feels really strange... no wait, that doesn�t quite express it.. it feels like I am walking upside down in some other universe right now� yea� that is more like it� A whole chapter in my life is coming to an end� A whole section of my life is drawing to a close.. It is kinna wild. There is a huge part of me that is going to miss this place a ton. I have lots of good friends and countless memories from this place. And then of course there is a part of me isn't gonna miss this place at all... but when I get right down to it, I feel a kinna tear well up inside of me when I think about leaving this place for good. It�s almost like leaving SB� like.. that is over now and I will only be back to visit from now on� It�s like yea, I am no longer a part of that unit anymore� I am just a piece on my own now� Wow� I would have never thought it would be like this. These feelings are not at all what I was expecting� Thanks for the memories� it�s been a good ride.
--El Capitan

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