March 11, 2003

I feel really good right now... my whole body is sore... my legs are tight, my back feels like it is burning... and my arms feel like lead... it is such a great feeling. The reason I feel like this is complex: I have gone riding in the hills for the past two days in a row... Yesterday we hammered and at one point I thought my legs might stop working.... I skated a ton on Saturday and worked a bunch of my "street skating muscles" ones that have been neglected of late... I moved a bunch of pallets today and a bunch of board boxes... man my body feels really sore... but it feels really good too, like all my muscles are starting to get toned again or something... The kinna sore you feel after a hard workout is great.... I love that feeling� exauhstion and accomplishment and energized all at the same time�. I have also been eating a little better lately... got a veggie burrito off the truck the last two days� : ) and I have been exercising a lot more then I had in the last couple of months... it feels really good. I am starting to feel like an awesome killing machine again... haha well... maybe not a killing machine, but a finely tuned one at that... haha it is a great feeling� I need to stay focused and keep this up. Summer time is just around the corner, and I plan on going to tha beach! : )
--Capn� Rocky S.S. Aintgonnahavenothinonme

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